Our Founders

Listener Brands Founders 

Kim and Tim’s journey into entrepreneurship began after Tim’s amazing “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” win, where he put his knowledge of random facts to good use by winning $100,000.

After their first failed startup of a niche social network, Kim and Tim launched CurlMix (2015), which started as a Do-It-Yourself box for curly hair. Think “Blue Apron” but for curly-hair products.

In 2018 with an investment from Backstage Capital, Kim and Tim pivoted CurlMix by turning their best-selling boxes into a complete hair care line and in just 12 months, CurlMix soared to $1 Million in sales.

After an explosive year, Kim and Tim were featured on Season 10 of Shark Tank,  Forbes 30 Under 30, and Oprah's Favorite Things. 

While growing CurlMix and listening to their audience, they learned that 4C women were grossly underserved in the hair care industry. 

With hundreds of hair care companies available, none were bold enough to put 4C on a bottle or dedicate an entire brand to 4C women. 

Kim and Tim wanted to change that. After hundreds of customers begged for 4C hair care, Kim & Tim thought "just adding a collection to CurlMix wasn't sufficient".

They knew that 4C women deserved to be at the forefront, not just a line extension. 4C women deserve to be celebrated, thus 4C ONLY was born (2020). 

4C ONLY is the first-ever revolutionary brand dedicated exclusively to 4C women. 

Kim and Tim are on a personal mission to break down barriers for people of color and build brands that listen.